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The Daunting Task of World Building


This past month I have been overwhelmed with the idea that for NaNoWriMo I am going to build a complete other world and flush it out so that after it is done I will have the complete back story and information I need to write a completely new series. It is daunting to say the very least. 

I am the first to say that I am not an expert on it. I have done it before, once before, when I was a teenager. But I didn’t really do it the “proper” way. I wrote things down as they came up and created political systems and history of the world on a whim. Did it work for the story? Completely. Was the story a mature, full thought out, ready to publish manuscript. Hell no. And no, a simple no would not have worked in that scenario. It was really rough, but looking back on how I wrote it, the history of the world was getting more and more flushed out each day I wrote it. 

So this is my dilemma. I know I really should spend all of NaNoWriMo writing out the history and back story to the world and the characters because it is a very in depth story plot and lots of little details of the characters past will come out to change the plot and help shape the world they are living in. However, I know that I am a gardener style writer. I know that I write best and get the most motivated to write when I can take my time (even if writing 2000 words a day or more, which I also want to state I haven’t done in a while) and develop the characters and the story as they tell me how their story is suppose to go. I love discovering their history as I write and if I have to go back and edit the crap out of it later because of small details that come up mid way or at the end then I love doing that. I love developing them how they want to be developed and look into their world instead of me telling them how their world is going to be. Again, but I know I wouldn’t have to edit as much and the story would be more complete the first time around if I wrote up all the back story first. 

I know it is one of those things that I need to learn to adapt to and it will help me develop as a writer. The thought of it is daunting, creating an entire world before diving into the characters and I like the idea of creating lots of different characters and back stories before jumping into the main characters I want to write about. Writing about different peoples and land masses and countries and political systems. The list goes on and on and I am exciting to do it but when I look at the huge list in front of me of all I need to accomplish before I can write my characters I get overwhelmed and defeated feeling before it even starts. 

I know I need to just start it and work on one item at a time and I will get through it in no time. The hard skills to master of writing in depth story plots. Lots of back work to do first before you can get to the “good stuff.”

My writing thoughts for today. Now I should get back to work and start trying to make some progress.