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Rainy Day Fantasies


“The rain pounds outside the window, dancing like the first trips of water into a hot pan as warm memories from my childhood fill my head. A book and a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand I enjoy the sight outside my window. Curling my toes to warm them underneath comfort of my hand knit blanket, I stare out into the lavender sky with tiny rays of sunlight making the rain seem like sparkles of diamonds. The clouds all seem to blend together in one combined sky, trees almost seeming like black shadow cut outs against the light grey of the sky. The sounds of cars splashing on the road echo in my ears, adding to the enjoyment of the cozy afternoon.

Sipping more of my hot chocolate my mind goes back to the innocence of youth and my yellow raincoat and matching hat splashing in every puddle I came too. Mother scolding as the puddles drenched my clothes dragging me inside to change and then making a warm cup of cocoa for me so I would not catch a cold. The little hit of vanilla and Cinnamon making it our family secret to a good cup of cocoa.

Now all grown up sometimes I wish I could still play in puddles and splash around without the cold numbing feeling that you seem to ignore when you are younger. The sounds of rain always bring back happy memories, and always cause relaxation with anything that I may be doing. “

Just something I felt like writing while watching the rain at work today. Hope you enjoy!!