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Synopsis – My Own Progress


First off I will admit I am horrible at synopsis. I tend to try to way over simplify them for some reason and cause them to be a boring blah of words strung together. Not going to get too many readers wanting to read my book huh? Nope, not a chance. So today I decided to try again at re-writing the synopsis for my newest book that I am writing this year for NaNoWriMo. So I am going to show you exactly how I progressed today.


First Attempt

Soifra Eileen is a girl who finds herself stuck in a past she is trying to fun away from. Lord Benson is trying to find her again and claim her again for himself and if he does the empire around Soifra will be forced to continue to be a world of where the poor starve and the nobility gets more powerful.

Second Attempt

Soifra Eileen, a girl barely over her seventeeth birthday finds herself in the abusive hands of the one person who was suppose to protect her. She is left with no other choice but to flee his death tight grasp and try to make a new life for herself away from the houses of the nobles. However when Soifra does escape she finds that it is a noble life she must be destined for. She has to make the empire around her more in the image of what the goddess who spoke to her wants, of peace instead of how the power-hungry nobles that now run it, for power and wealth.

Together with Ryaen, a war criminal who has stayed out the grasps of the nobles for long strive to change the empire into something they both believe in. Together they will race against the clock and the seasons to make sure that the empire in indeed an image of hope instead of despair.

Third Attempt

Soifra Eileen, a Sivene Princess from the land of the North, was taken into protected custody when she was a small child however when she approached her seventeenth birthday she finds that the one who was bound to protect her was the one who was the one who was the most damaging. After her protectors true nature was shown Soifra fled hoping to leave the life of abuse behind her with that of the noble houses. However when she comes across Aduialhach, the city of Evening Flame, she realized that no matter where she ran the abuse was everywhere and she had to do something to stop it.

Ryaen of Lovingworth was a war criminal trying to find his way into the future and fix the one that he sees in front of him. When he comes across a woman alone in the forest, appearing to be running from her past as well he pledges to himself to help her. When he finds out that she is actually a member of a rare race of magical beings called the Sivene he knows fate has finally came in and handed him a winning hand.

Together they try to overcome the corrupted noble houses of the city of Aduialhach and free the people of the city from the unnecessary starvation and living conditions and branch out to have the kind hand of the Sivene people of their history to step back into place not just over this city but over all of the Elonn. Together, Ryaen and Soifra wish to help the people of Elonn be free from tyranny and back into a realm of peace.

So far I have only done three attempts but I think each time they have clearly improved. Of course I am not nearly done but what I found helped was to actually do this step and write first attempt, second, ect so that I could see where exactly I was going wrong and how I could add more details to the story with still leaving the reader wanting to find out what happens and pick up the book.
I would love to hear your thoughts on my progress so far! Always have room to improve!
Until next time have a wonderful time! (and good luck fellow NaNoWriMo-ers)

Story Board or Going From the Seat of Your Pants?


Story board or going from the seat of your pants? This is a question that I often ask myself before and during writing something, especially something as long as a novel.  Do I want to know all the adventures my characters are going to be going on so I properly know how to lead up to scenes or do I want to go where the story takes me and if I need to go back and edit later so be it? I have tried it both ways and I can see the pros and cons with both methods.

With a story board I can clearly see how I need to build up a character, to make them grow to evolve to the story I want to achieve, the events that I want to unfold.  I can easily predict when an enemy may “pop” out at the characters and plan for an exit strategy. However I find that I don’t really get to surprise myself with unexpected twists or new relationships that I might not have been seen from the first stages of planning. I seem to sometimes get stuck in the formula of what the outline or plan is instead of catering to my character and their own growth.

Moreover, without a story board I am able to let the story develops as it wants to develop. Sometimes it takes a lot of editing on my end to make sure all the details are in the correct place but I find that my characters develop a little bit more naturally, they grow into themselves and are put in situations they really don’t know how to get out of. It is rather instead of me telling the characters story the character is telling me there story and I am just happening to write it down to capture the moment.

To me I think I need a way to merge the two together, to make it more like real life. People going through their lives may plan to go to collage, have a family or a career job or both, they may plan to take a vacation every year and retire when they are sixty-five but sometimes those plans just don’t always happen as you thought they would happen and those obstacles in our way is what defines us as ourselves, they add to our growth.  That is the ultimate goal for me, I know some writers use story boards and some are completely able to go from the seat of their pants but I think many of us like a little of both. A little excitement we might not even been expecting from ourselves and from our characters but know the end goals of what we want out of our work.

My thoughts anyways, what are yours?