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Do I Dare?


So this question all starts when I had someone close to me tell me this wondrous dream that sparked so much creativity into me that I felt like I was about to burst. It is a story that would be a post apocalyptic world where science looks to new ways to try to save the dying earth by unconventional methods, magic. At least to me this sounds like an amazing story and one that I could have a lot of fun pushing myself to write since it is unlike my normal story style. And because of this I have been really itching to start it. However then I fear that my current project I have been so diligently working on will get left in the dust and become yet another story that I have never finished. Which I will be honest; it is a pretty lengthy list. I don’t want to be one of those people that constantly start writing projects but then abandon them due to another story. I have wanted to actually complete the whole process, from start to finish again instead pushing stories aside for different things.

This is my dilemma of do I dare? I love the currently story I am working on. It has so much potential, so much greatness and real character development and I feel the first real strong piece I have written so far. Or at least that is what I believe, but the problem is so do most of the stories I write. I always tell myself oh I just writing my ideas out and I will come back to that original story I was working on but never seem to do. It isn’t that I really truly don’t mean to go back to them, because from the bottom of my heart I do. I have this more than one project in mind when I say that too. And maybe someday I will. However, I haven’t yet. And that is now the biggest problem I have.

So now bringing us back to the original question that I asked: Do I dare? Do I dare start another project? At least writing some scenes down as they pop into my head and work my very hardest to stay on target to my current project. And to be clear the current project I am working on is more than half way finished at this point. Or do I just have the idea in my little notebook I carry around with me where ever I go and hope to goodness sake that I don’t forget all the wonderful ideas that pop into my head and when I finish my current project begin diving into the story that awaits me?

I know the correct answer. I really do but it is one of those stages where I am afraid of not completing yet another thing that I am prepared to do something drastic. This is my problem and this is my question. Do I dare?


Story Board or Going From the Seat of Your Pants?


Story board or going from the seat of your pants? This is a question that I often ask myself before and during writing something, especially something as long as a novel.  Do I want to know all the adventures my characters are going to be going on so I properly know how to lead up to scenes or do I want to go where the story takes me and if I need to go back and edit later so be it? I have tried it both ways and I can see the pros and cons with both methods.

With a story board I can clearly see how I need to build up a character, to make them grow to evolve to the story I want to achieve, the events that I want to unfold.  I can easily predict when an enemy may “pop” out at the characters and plan for an exit strategy. However I find that I don’t really get to surprise myself with unexpected twists or new relationships that I might not have been seen from the first stages of planning. I seem to sometimes get stuck in the formula of what the outline or plan is instead of catering to my character and their own growth.

Moreover, without a story board I am able to let the story develops as it wants to develop. Sometimes it takes a lot of editing on my end to make sure all the details are in the correct place but I find that my characters develop a little bit more naturally, they grow into themselves and are put in situations they really don’t know how to get out of. It is rather instead of me telling the characters story the character is telling me there story and I am just happening to write it down to capture the moment.

To me I think I need a way to merge the two together, to make it more like real life. People going through their lives may plan to go to collage, have a family or a career job or both, they may plan to take a vacation every year and retire when they are sixty-five but sometimes those plans just don’t always happen as you thought they would happen and those obstacles in our way is what defines us as ourselves, they add to our growth.  That is the ultimate goal for me, I know some writers use story boards and some are completely able to go from the seat of their pants but I think many of us like a little of both. A little excitement we might not even been expecting from ourselves and from our characters but know the end goals of what we want out of our work.

My thoughts anyways, what are yours?