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Blogging Has Already Helped Me Write More


Already I have seen more of a drive again within myself to start writing more and more everyday. I know it was only a few days ago that I was complaining about how it seems after working a full time job all day it doesn’t seem to leave any creativity left in me and I always heard just write anything to help create a mental time in your day to actually write, if it is writing a blog, in a journal, how you felt about the day, whatever, and I must say I never thought it would work or had worked in the past. But now I find since I am being very strict with the topic I am writing about, Writing, it has allowed my mind to be more concentrated on my writing projects instead of scattered all around the board.

I had thought this a way to get my writing more known to the world instead of in turn actually helping me to write better and on a more daily schedule. I am determined to write an article a day and then especially after I get home from work I feel the drive I used to have again to write. Sometimes it may only be 100 words or so, but even 100 words helps my mind develop the story more and be more involved with what I am doing instead of my normal being bored watching TV which is never helpful and a waste of time (in my opinion) when I could be doing other things I love to do so much more.

It is amazing how sometimes the unexpected come out of the weirdest places.