Since the time I could read I have always had a book in my hand, reading for hours on end until finally the doctor said if I read so much I would need glasses. Did I stop? Nope, reading glasses started to become part of me for the hours of days I would spend fascinated with the words on the pages and the worlds I would explore. I think this naturally lead me to try to create my own stories, at first it was childhood fantasies of dragons creeping behind trees and faeries singing in the worlds until I was able to compile my fantasies into some more concrete. Hence a pen quickly became almost as good as friend as the bound pages of my childhood was. Because of this I had completed my first novel by the time I was a sophomore in high school. Was it good? Honestly I can say no, not even close. However because of that determination I have since tried to better myself and write more stories based on the world around me and the fantasy I see there. I am a woman who searches forever for the next inspiration to write down, now usually on a computer instead of pen and paper but still the same passion behind each word.

I hope to continue on this journey and maybe you will even join me for the ride.


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