The Start of Great Beginnings


Long time no blog entry. Now the title of this blog might be a little grand for something that I wrote in only a few minutes with no editing. Yes it is straight from the word document, nothing done to it (so be gentle!) I do, however, think this is the start to a great new story. Enjoy!

Darkness. It is everywhere, within everything. No stars lit the sky, the room was not lit by any light of candle or orb. It was just black. Even the coldest darkest night had more light. A woman’s chest fell and rose heavily as her back was pressed against the cool damp stones that formed the wall. She fought to control her breathing, her heart racing in her chest. It was a game of cat and mouse and this time she feared she was not the cat. The woman brushed the nearly white hair out of her face and tried to push it back into the braid she had started out with. She felt her hands on her daggers on her thighs and the bastard sword digging between her shoulder blades. She had more weapons than she knew what to do with on her and yet she still felt under dressed. Tight leather clung to her skin as sweat made her skin glisten. If there had been light she would have been afraid her position would have been lost. She inched her way around the corner seeing the first glimpse of torch light in the distance. A knife met her throat, she felt a drop of blood moisten the blade.

           “Lost again Cerena.” She was forced up against the wall, muscular arms pushing her back until the sounds of metal echoed through the hall. The blade retracted and she used her opportunity. A kick was sent in the air and a male groan audible. A swift kick behind the knee brought her assailant to his knees and one of her own daggers to his throat.

           “You should have killed me when you had the chance.”

            “Ah well Cerena, I can’t kill you now can I?” His voice broken with the threat of the dagger against his throat. His hair was plaited back behind is his head in multiple strands reaching down to one long braid down his back. His armor was leather, not the kind he normally wore. It still shone like it was new but it was beyond broken in. New leather is tight and will get you killed.

            “Let me up.” he tapped out on the wrist holding the dagger. Normally her dagger would not have hesitated to draw blood from him but then again, it was practice after all.

           “Can’t kill my brother now can I, Fionan?”

            “Nah, I suppose not sister. You still lost.”

            “You still dropped your guard.”

            “You breath as heavy as a horse in heat.” A smack echoed off the walls followed by a muffled laugh.

          “You little.”

           “Yes my beautiful?” Cerena mocked back putting in a small bow with it.. His hair was the same color as hers, nearing white.

          “Cerena, Fionan. Your mother would like to speak with you.” The masculine voice had always sent shivers down her spine.

               “We will meet her right away, won’t we sister?” He pulled at her arm as she fought the urge to look up into his eyes. Judgement was the form of all punishment throughout the kingdom and there in front of her he stood.

            “Yes, of course Judgement.” She finally looked up into his eyes, fighting the urge to show fear. Something of her young years had taught her is you never showed emotion on your face. Fionan had a huge smile on his face like everything was a joke. She looked up and put a smile on her face, making it reach all the way to her eyes until they glistened with life and joy. It was the way of the court, it was made you survive. Any emotion could be torn out of you and used to someone else’s advantage. There were reasons why they trained so hard to survive.

Love to hear what you think!


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  1. Great start! It’ll need a bit of polishing, but overall, I like the Conan the Barbarian (or the anime called Bezerk?) angle to the story, if I’m not mistaken. Seems like it’ll turn out to be a fun read.

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