Progress… It’s Getting There


I have been steadily working on draft two of “The Girl Who Cried Fae.” It has been going slowly as it required a lot of rewrites. I will be the first to say I kind of rushed through the first draft in order to get it all written out, now it is time to actually go back and make into something worth reading. Details are especially important and I left a lot of important ones out. I know this, and I know how I need to get better at it so that is what I am doing.

I am also being realistic. I don’t think draft two will be worthy of print, and maybe not even draft three or four. The thing is that doesn’t get me down one bit. I know I have so much to learn about writing and improving myself to where I would like to see myself and I think that is great. I think it also shows a huge growth for me. Especially in my younger years I would expect to write something utterly brilliant, best seller in every country, the whole nine yards in one draft. Are you kidding? Most professional authors can’t boast that skill. That is why editors are still a huge part and will always be a huge part of the writing industry.

So my update, mostly I am writing and a lot. I want to try to get the edits of draft one (making into draft two) by October 31st. At my current rate I don’t even know if that is possible but I am going to try. I have completely rewritten chapter two of draft one and have already made it into two different chapters. I know I need to expand on a lot of concepts and not rush into things like I did for draft one just to get the story out there and on paper.

For NaNoWriMo I really want to do something completely else and use my word counts just form that. So we shall see. It is going to be a huge project for me to undertake because it requires building an entire world, political systems and different races of people. I am excited to do it and I love the story idea that has sparked this whole thing, so we shall see.

That is all the update I have for now. Will try to update again next week. Hopefully I will closer to my goal than I am now!


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