Back Up and Running!


I know I know. This blog needs more updating, I need to keep more on top of articles and what not. First off let me just give you one tiny excuse. WordPress was not working for me.  At all. I would log in every day and to no avail every day (besides today and hopefully going forward) and all I got was a blank screen of FAIL! It would load all the text and nothing else so now I am back. And hopefully *Fingers crossed* more regularly.

At least one good thing that has happened since this blog had temporarily went down and that is I got a lot more writing done. I am in a good place right now with my Work In Progress. Granted it has a LOOOOONG way to go and has a lot of editing that needs to be done it is getting someplace and someplace where I might be able to actually finish it. At the same time I think I could easily make this into a series if need be. I am loving my characters, I am loving the struggles they are going through. Now I just need to make myself better as a writer to take this story to the level I would love for it to be. But that is what learning is all about isn’t it?

I am actually starting to feel more confident in my writing and getting better by the page. I am getting back into the groove, which is wonderful. I was rereading some older pages in my current project and just wanted to cut and slash and change so much. I resisted for the most part because I want to finish the entire thing first before I rip it to shreds and never finish. Ah yes she does have a plan even though her inner perfectionist is screaming at her to go back and fix all those mistakes she saw.

Overall though I think that it is going to a good place and although I doubt this will be a book that I will have published it is getting me in the right place where I need to be going. As they say each book you should strive to get better and that is what I plan on doing. I wrote my first book in middle school/high school. Was it any good! HECK NO! Did I think it was ? HECK YES! But now I can see where I needed to grow and where I still need to grow. Again it is all about growth and I think I am finally achieving that.

Well anyways since that was like three different run on subjects all in one blog I think I shall call it a night and try to come back to you all tomorrow!

Have a great one everyone. Until next time.


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  1. Nice to bump into you. I enjoy writing also. There are so many challenges, aren’t there? Even a dull moment can be filled with mysterious questions. Sometimes I wish I had studied the craft, but the exercise serves me well. Sometimes …….

  2. Samantha! You’re an awesome writer, and I’m glad you’re getting so into your story. Anyway, I love hearing all your updates, here and on twitter. So, I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award! here


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