Take the Blinders Off


I am sitting here at work, thinking. Thinking of social media and how many young people post their life’s troubles for the world to see expecting some kind of response. How many young people post on Twitter and facebook about how their life sucks and how many times has it been in the news that they would even post things about how they were going to commit suicide or someone in their life was harming them in ways no person should ever be harmed. This topic really got me thinking, if I posted on Twitter or Facebook that I was about to do those things or those things were being done to me would anyone listen? And no I am not thinking of doing those things nor have bad things being done to me. It is just a thought across my brain that I can’t help but think of. If I wrote “I am going to jump off a bridge tonight.” Would someone say a kind word to me or ask me what is wrong? Would anyone call the police or reach out to get me help? So many of the distraught out there look to the world in the internet as a place of friends and people who will listen but so many cases when it really matters no one really does listen.

I had planned on writing a blog on writing and New Year’s resolutions but when I started thinking of this topic it really stuck in my mind and would not get out until I started to write it out. What if community was not a thing of the past and when we say “The Writer’s Community” or whatever other web community you may be in that it really becomes a community again. Something we can share in our “real lives,” to the people who live around us day to day. What if we brought back the caring and neighborly love that used to thrive in this country and around the world. What if people did not wear their blinders to the bad things that are going on in the world around them and actually open their eyes and ears.

I honestly believe that if this is done 2012 will be the best year this world has ever seen. I have decided to take blinders off, will you?


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  1. In my humble opinion, I think it has less to do with a C word and more to do with an R word: responsibility. Example, though it’s not the biggest deal in the world: Think about how, on the internet, the use of language has been shortened and the use of capital letters is considered a waste of effort, or something along those lines. It’s not a bad thing, it’s more a telling thing because if we’re not willing to take responsibility for the use of how we convey our words, if there no more than a way to get things done fast and easy, why take responsibility for any of our other actions? I believe the content of our individual selves should be based upon our acting upon personal responsibility; and to use a metaphorical approach, it’s not the tools that are the problem but the abusers of those tools. Of course, I could just be blabbering. Keep up the good work. Great post!

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