What if What is Stopping You is You?


Okay I am all set to write. Writing area, check. Surface space organized to perfection, check. Handy dandy netbook, check. Notebooks galore for notes, check. Ample amounts of pens and pencils for taking said notes, check. Pictures of inspiration and creativity around me, check. Music to set the mood, check. Ideas floating around in my head to write what I think is an amazing story,  check. Now what?

This is the problem I think a lot of writers, including myself, face from time to time. It could only be for an hour or it could be months so how do you overcome this roadblock to success? I know I have written about this before but to me advice in this category never gets old. Everyone at some point or another always gets writer’s block. So what do you do when you cannot think of how to start your new novel, or even the next scene. I usually do research on character building, or scene development. Reading books on how to make the perfect fantasy story (or whatever genre you are working with), go back and think of back story for the characters I am working with. Even if they are minute characters. A Character blog comes to mind again, with maybe a minor character. Even if you dont’ have it published on the world wide web you can keep a small journal or notebook filled with ideas and memories from those characters. You might even discover something more about a minor character that allows you to find the rope you were looking for to climb over that wall.

However, there are sometimes I think that it is not just writer’s block that makes writers stop doing what they love. I know from experience when you have a bad writing day, say the voice is off like what happened to me yesterday. You get down on yourself, you see all that hard work you did the day before or even hours before and then it seems to be ruined by your current state of progress. Sometimes I can be jiggling my pen trying to think of what to write next and know what I want to say next but don’t have the confidence in myself to actually write it. This too is still writer’s block. But it is not the creativity but it is yourself that is blocking your own work, progress and growth. I know from experience that you could have a great story and then something happens in it, maybe a bad critique from a family member or close friend of your progress, or you find the original voice lost in your mind that you loved so much from the beginning, or it could just be that you stressed with other things going on in your life and you take it out on your abilities to create a wonderful and magical story but it is all the same excuse. You have to know that you are good enough to finish what you love to do, the story you fell in love with. Even if you never get published, and a thousand editors tell you it is not good enough, is that really want matters? No. You should write because you love the feel of the keys being pressed down in a fury because you cannot get the ideas out of your head fast enough, or the sounds of a pen scribbling against a rough piece of paper as you create a short story in a coffee shop. We can dream about finding our books, our hard work, on a book shelf some day but even if you have to get one copy bound and put it on your own bookshelf is that not accomplishment enough? To finish a complete novel and say hey I wrote that. Or even one hundred complete novels, it is a thing to be proud of. So instead of kicking yourself because the voice is off, which you can fix in editing or just erase and start over, do what you love and don’t let the rest of the stuff affect it.


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  1. Thank you for this, I’ve been blogging about block lately. I also find that reading inspires me, as does blogging. I am just about a month into my blog and the sense of community I feel is necessary for my writing. Then, on the flip side, I feel my blog is zapping the energy from my writing. What to do? Prioritize. That’s what I’m doing now. Your post today was just one of the things I needed to read. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and your comment! It is always nice to hear when you are doing a good job! And you are right sometimes distracting yourself from what is bothering you, such as blogging can really help!

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