Character Blog?


I heard this great idea and even though it wasn’t completely original I thought it needed some consideration. A Character Blog. A blog in which you personalize your character, maybe making it like a journal entry of their adventures, or short stories of them interacting with the world. I believe this is such a great idea for authors and writers in general. Just think of the character depth you could add to your stories if you have tid bits of back stories or how their personality reacts to certain types of people? It is almost like a super reference tool into your character and your stories.

Besides being a great tool to becoming a better writer and having your story more developed think of it is a a great marketing tool. Readers could look into your characters and fall in love with them before they even pick up your book. I know at least when I fall in love with a character I immediately want to go out and buy as many of their books as reasonably possible. I believe this would be great especially for authors who are first time publishing. Your name is unknown and so by bringing the new social media world a hint at your abilities and your characters you are able to get more people inspired to go out and buy your work!

Just think of the possibilities you could do with this character blog, prologue, epilogue, short stories that you couldn’t fit into your novel, first person narrative when your story is from a different perspective.

My thoughts of the day. Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear what you think!


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  1. I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a character blog myself. It’s a good idea and I really think it can work well. I just end up asking myself, “What do I post next?” Do you have that problem?

    • I sometimes do have this problem but then I think to myself… what is my character’s favorite childhood memory? What is their least? Have they gone swimming before? Have they been to a big city before? What about a childhood memory of their parents telling them a story? If they don’t have parents any longer what do they remember of them? My point of view is our characters need full lives, from birth to death. Just because we started writing them at a specific point doesn’t mean they don’t have a history. Usually people just don’t pop out of no-where with no back story. Maybe if you start thinking of how the character will act in small situations, even during the story you write, it will help you more. Like what if they go to a restaurant and order something and it comes up horrible, how would they react?
      I hope this helps some 🙂 and thank you for stopping by!

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