Writing Two Things At Once?


I am in this predicament that I have been placed in the past where my head fills up with so many different ideas at the same time I feel this strong need to write all of them at the same time. Thankfully it is  usually limited to 2 or 3 projects (or maybe a short scene or two) but is this really a writers friend or foe? I can see many different points in which it can be seen both ways. Such as if you devote yourself to one story at a time you get a clear focused voice and character development and you hit deadlines faster. However on the other hand sometimes I feel like I have hit a wall when it comes to writing that one story and it is hard to get inspiration waiting by just twiddling your thumbs for the wall to disappear or find a way to climb over it. This is where I adore the idea of a second story brewing in the background. I find that if I start writing another story I can find a way to get over that other wall in the previous story or I have a great new story in which the walls are not up. It is like this rope gets thrown down from the heavens in order to lift me up.  However, it can also be the rope I find that strangles the other story’s life right out. Strangling the life out of a project is not something I particularly like doing, but is it a necessary evil in which to get yourself writing?

I have had success and failures with both methods. Back when I was in high school I was writing one novel but I had gotten so stuck that I couldn’t figure out the transition to where the characters were to where they needed to be when it hit me. The project I am working on now arose from that confusion and after writing a few scenes I was able to see where the other characters needed to be in the original project.

However, with many projects in between then and now have died because of that method. I have notebooks and computer documents galore of scenes and story beginnings, none of them even close to completion because of the back and forth process of having ideas for another story.

I know there are many writers out there, what do you do and why? I would love to hear them. Well back to the story board I go.


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