Writing… computer or paper?


I always have this dilemma of which medium I should to write my books. There is something romantic about a pen or pencil in your hand and letting the words flow out on a piece of paper, onto a beautiful notebook or even a scrap piece of paper but in the modern world it almost seems necessary to leave this romantic fantasy of pen and paper behind and adopt the computer. I do enjoy using a computer to write out things. I can definitely apply my thoughts of the story more quickly when I type and make corrections a lot more readily. I also can make sure my nasty of habit of not always using the correct spelling never leaves a sentence. However, I also love being able to carry a beautiful notebook along with me where ever I go and coming up with ideas for stories on the go. Where as I really don’t have a laptop (it is my fiance’s) so taking it along with me where ever I go becomes heavy and ridiculous. I find though that I really must choose one or the other. If I start a story on paper or on the computer and transfer to the other medium I make changes and then it is two stories that are nearly identical instead of the same story being able to continue where ever I am present.

Again this dilemma, that I would love your thoughts on.


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  1. Hi,
    I agree with you that there is “something romantic about a pen and pencil in your hand” – it’s almost that traditional image of a writer, isn’t it? I find that, when starting a project (whether that be a blog, idea for a novel, short story etc), having a notebook handy to jot down ideas is great. That way, I can plan what direction I want the writing to take and I’ll always have my notes recorded on the page if I ever want to go back to them. I tend to discard any weak sentences when I’m working on the computer and it’s convenient to see any thoughts I previously had on the project written down in front of me. When I’ve decided to get started on the piece, I type up my written ideas on the computer, but in a more organised way, as I’ve already thoroughly considered what I’m going to write about and it’s much easier to organise and edit on the screen.
    That’s my take on your dilemma. 🙂
    Also, congratulations on the engagement!

  2. Thank you very much for stopping by! Also I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I think that is what I may end up trying to do. And thank you for the congrats!

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