Summer Solstice


The spring has finally thawed the last remaining hints of winter’s passing. The traditional fur cloak wrapped around the woman’s shoulders had sweat dripping down her back as the sun’s rays beat against her skin. It was almost time to remove it but as the sun reached higher in the sky, the time could not come fast enough. The flowers full in blooms seemed to look at her and sweat but she held her composure. She was the people’s leader she would be nothing less than devoted to the ritual about to unfold before her.

The wise women of the tribe came forward after her offering and it was now her time to transform herself from the princess of death to one of life. The wise women shed the furs from her shoulders revealing her scantily clad figure to the world. Summer beads, mud and flowers were the only thing that hid her body from the sunlight. She held her head high to the sunlight to let it bask her pale moonlight skin to become one of the day once more. The winter months did much to change the way of the tribe and she was glad to be back in the loving warmth of the day once more.

“Come before the sun and let the sun guard our harvest once more. Let it bring life into this world and life into our bellies.”  The wise women spoke as she crushed some of the first summer petals onto the skin of her forehead and then over her womb. The color of pale purple stood out against her dark mud and pale complexion. A circlet of flowers was clasped to her head by the frail but powerful hands of the wise woman. Next came the cloth of summer, the color of purple berry stained cotton draped around her shoulders and was tied at her waist with a nettle rope.

“Welcome back Bringer of Life, gone is Death. Cherish people and rejoice!” the wise woman’s voice rang out throughout the prairie and cheers echoed. The solemn face now showed a glimmer of happiness as life returned to her people.

Sorry it is a day late, but I hope it is worth it! Happy Summer Solstice a day late!


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