Something Old Mixed With Something New


By the light of only his solitary candle he studied the ancient text that rested on the table. Dwyn sat in the corner of the busy tavern, hoping the dancing bar maids and drunken fools did not notice him hiding his intent in the shadows.

“Whatcha doing hiding here in the corner? Don’t ya see the party going on? You should join in.” A browned haired man with a strong smell of ale on his breath sat down across the table from Dwyn. Dwyn snapped the leather bound cover shut and looked at the man who was quickly irritating him.

“I don’t enjoy soical escapades.”

“Touchy, touchy, I see. But word of advice your not hiding, just looking conspicuous. Yes I can use “big” words too. Food for thought, try to be less less obvious. Now if you excuse me there is a bar maid calling my name, if ya know what I mean” The man elbowed Dwyn and shuffled off to the arms of a comely woman with an ample bosom.

Wondering if he should take the advice of the drunken man he let his fingers linger in the flames of the candle. The flames danced upon the wall when he saw the shadows of men looking at him and decided that the man’s advice was sound and headed back up to the room he shared with his companion.”

More to come! Enjoy!


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