“Silence,” the thought resonating through his mind as he sit deep within a forest of lush green. “Complete silence and nothing-ness.” His legs crossed and back straight he tried to concentrate on what his teachers had taught him. Inner silence. This wind blew through his long black hair and tussled it in the ground mixing the ends with leaves and grass. “Concentrate.” he spoke aloud as he found he was allowing his mind to travel with the movement of his body. Pressing his eye lids tighter together he tried to make his body relax, concentrating on what shouldn’t be there and allowing them to drift away like seeds on the wind.

He felt something weighted on his shoulder, he tried brushing it away “Probably just a leaf.” However it wasn’t a leaf, light fingers brushed his hair back from his neck and moved his hair in such a way that he could not ignore this presence any longer. He opened his eyes and broke his meditation and standing next to him was a golden rays of hair surrounding pale skin of morning rays of light.

“Sola.” he acknowledged her presence and turned back to his meditative pose.

“Oh don’t be that way Nyth.”

“You know I did not want to see you again.” But as he spoke the words her lips closed on his neck on that spot. He closed his eyes in reflex while trying to suppress a moan trying very hard to escape his lips.

“Sola. Leave. Now.”

“Why, we both now you can’t take me but I can definitely take you.”

“Sola. Just leave. I don’t want to deal with you right now.”

“But what if I want to deal with you.” She gave him that look reserved only for him, the look for his inner torment.

“Fine. I can see you do not want to play. Later though I might not want to and it will be your loss.”

“I will take my chances.” Glad to be rid of her presence he tried to meditate again but his mind just reveled in the way that he hated how he needed her.  ‘Silence” he repeated to himself again before starting his exercises all over again.


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