Eyes for You


She walked out of the glass and stone shower feeling like a goddess and her prize was just outside the bathroom door. Using a plush terry cloth towel she patted herself mostly dry and squeezed the extra wetness from her hair. She knew she would be irresistible. Her wet black hair hung around around her body almost like a second blanket and her hand reached for the handle. She put her sultry smile on and opened the door.

There he was. The man she had waited nearly all her life for and now she was going to have him at last.

“You have something in your eye.” he said.

“Oh, well maybe because I only have eyes for you.” Be over the top she told herself.

He cleared his throat. “Um maybe, but you also have black gunk in your eyes.”

Crap, she forgot to make sure he makeup didn’t run into her eyes in the shower. Oh yes this was a way to win over a man’s desire.

Something humorous I thought of while coming out of the shower last night. Enjoy I know the thought made me giggle.


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