So The Story Goes


On the first page of our story the future seemed so bright then this thing turned out so evil. I dont know why I’m still surprised. I keep turning the pages hoping that the next page will bring happiness and love, but I am never greeted with its warmth. Cold grips my heart as more darkness is played on our story with each turning page. Friendship that I thought would flourish into love has crumbled into hate and us being strangers. You are not the person that I gave my heart to. You are not the person that warmed my heart in the middle of a lonely night. No instead of you made me love you and then crushed my soul. You fed me to the lions and stabbed me in the back. You turned me over to my enemies and now I am reading our story as the pages flip in my eyes. I wish I could say you were worth all this pain and agony I am in, but I cannot. Maybe if you were still the man I fell in love with I could, but the chains around my wrists and ankles as they tear me apart tell the entire story.

Gone are the times I would smile just at the mention of your name, now I shiver in its wake. You made me start to love the person I was, and now I harbor hate for my creator. I was an innocent  until you corruption of your twisted ways turned me black like you. Was that what you wanted all along? Someone who you could make be in your kind of misery? Your twin of the opposite sex? You have your wish if that was the case.

I wish sometimes in the cold of night in my cell that you could wake me from this nightmare and tell me it was all a bad dream. That we are just two friends who love each other more than we should and take me in your arms and the cuffs that bind me disappear. That you will wave your hand and the magic of the night will woo me back into dreamless slumber. Are those times so gone? They must be because it is been over five years and I do not hear your voice any longer. Not in my dreams and definitely not through my cell door.

Is it pathetic for me to say that still in my twisted way love you, and hope you love me too?

First line was from a friend of mine and the story kind of developed around it. Sorry it is kind of depressing. Hope you enjoy!


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