Fae Girl


There once was a little girl who thought she knew everything about everything until her past caught up with her. All her dreams she realized had been true. Her dreams were not hers but of a past life. She wondered why she always looked in a mirror and was always startled by what she didn’t see there. This little girl was really not a little girl at all but was a few thousand year old soul trapped in the body of a human girl. Everything seemed to click in the girls mind when she finally realized what her memories of strange off places and exciting battles were. Her parents had named her Marie, but she knew the truth, her real name was Selina, and she lived for thousands of years and that is why she was never truly a little girl, ever.

She lived with the fact that she was not who everyone thought she was. It wasn’t until she was about 25 years old that she realized that she wasn’t human anymore either. Her past life magic and fused with her new body and was near indestructible. A car hit her and her lovers vehicle, killing him instantly, but she escaped with only a few scrapes, which healed almost unnaturally quickly. The crowd around the vehicle seemed to stare at her, until she caught a glimpse of her eyes in the puddle next to the wreckage. They were glowing like she had never seem them do before. She knew she was immortal from that point on. Only the magic of the Fae could kill her now. She buried her lover in the ground a week later and then packed her bags and moved to New Orleans that same day. She packed up her small VW Rabbit and was off.

She quickly found work as a waitress in a busy bar close to the French Quarter and got a small studio close enough to walk to. She managed to get by, trying to keep her head down until she ran into someone she knew a long time ago. She was working in the bar that late Saturday night, going through the motions of a busy night when she was assigned a table she didn’t normally get because he was “creepy”. Bleached hair down to his shoulders and a long leather trench coat, she smiled her young co-worker complained about the creeps they got in the bar. She walked over to the table, asked what he would like and then there eyes met. She knew him, his eyes, his posture, flashes of her past life and her current pasted her eyes in streaks. Jaque/Sam who could it be? Is it both. The resemblance was too eerie it was hard to ignore. Selina, as she was known in New Orleans quickly got his drink and fled to the back room. Her memories kept flooding her like thunderbolts. The spell, did it go arye? or more off did it go right. In her youth, Marie had done a spell for a dear friend who she never had quite met to become a vampire. This man smelled of it but how could it be? How could this man truly a vampire and a fae? There was  no way, it was not possible she swore to herself. Vampires were creatures of the Greeks and Romans not of the Celt and Norse of her brethren. Her heart pounded in her throat, before a knock came on the door. Cathy, the young girl who turned the table over to her, peeked her head in.

“Is everything okay Sel? ”

“Yeah, everything is fine. The heat just got to me for a second. I am coming.” Selina calmed herself down and returned to the front. How was this meeting going to go? Would he even recognize her after all this time. Would memories flood his mind too? Or did he already know? So many questions and so little time.


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