Soul Snatchers


Some people wait beyond their dying day to find their soul mate, others find theirs within moments of their birth. Soul mates are someone you just click with, you don’t feel complete when they aren’t around. And then there are also the soul enemies. Souls that try everything in their power to destroy you, to keep you away from being complete. Every person on this earth has a soul mate, and every person also has a soul enemy. It is my job to keep to the soul enemies at bay.

In mythology my cousins and I got mixed up quite a bit. The Ancients usually thought there was only one person to strike people with arrows to inspire love and bring souls together. Yes he does exist and we all know that I am talking about Cupid, but there was also more. To keep Cupid’s magic growing strong, to keep it inspiring love to bloom there has to be something keeping back the enemies. I am that thing.

Laced in head to toe in black leather, I look like a frightful thing to most people. I look like something that should be walking out of a dominatrix club, if that was my only wish. My blood red hair pulled back away from my eyes in a sleek ponytail and porcelain skin shin against the moons rays. In New Orleans, I do not quiet fit in, but neither do I stand out. I stand on top of the Andrew Jackson hotel peering over the city.  Sun glasses at night would only think to see in the Matrix but here I am, looking like Trinity, or maybe Trinity was inspired by me. Who really knows when you are as old as I. It is a warm night so I forgo-ed on the black coat I normally adorn to let the moons rays shine upon my sun forgotten skin.  People dance around like drunken fools on the streets of the French Quarter at night. Mardi Gras isn’t too far off and trouble always comes near it. People are weak with the timing of the phases and with the clouded judgement of alcohol. For most people it is their time off of work, just relax and take it easy, for me it is my busy season.

Just a little something getting inspired by my favorite city, enjoy!


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