The One I Am


Sometimes I sit awake at night just thinking. Thinking of what might be, what has been, and sometimes I swear I see it flash before my eyes like a movie screen. Flashes of people wearing petticoats and fancy dresses at a ball, wildfires out in the plains of the United States, Maori before a battle with that look of readiness throughout the entirety of them. Different scenes, different people each night. Sometimes I think to myself must be because I am a history buff and saw them out of the glimpse of my mind and sometimes I think maybe it is because it is really what it seems and I am taking a look into their lives.  That is at least how it all started. Then it became more and more until I could deny it no longer.

I also wondered why my biological parents gave me up for adoption. Part of that whole rebellious teen thing of thinking my parents hated me and didn’t want me. Was that the case? I wish I didn’t know but today was the day I found out. And this is my story…

Something that popped into my head.  Hope you enjoy!


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