So recently I have been getting back into journaling, probably why I haven’t been writing as much on my blog. I have found that it is helping my writing slightly though. It is easier to start writing instead of having that pause of… what do I write about? I have been writing about numerous items, I have a journal (because I must have more than one for different topics me being so OCD like sometimes) for things that are going on in the news and my opinions of them and then another journal about life, sometimes as simple as what I did that day or sometimes deeper into something I saw that sparked a creative though, or emotional response. It is a journal more on the contemplation of life and the things in it instead of just… I made the bed today, I cooked dinner, etc. It is a journal more of how I see life and why I see them that way. I think honestly it is helping me find out more of myself and it is very interesting going back and reading what you have written from a few years back if you write not completely about drama of life but the beauty of it. Making it more intellectual than emotional drama.

Well that is all my thoughts for now, see ya tomorrow! 😉


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