Part of Enchanting the Enemy? Maybe


Pain wrung in her neck as she moved it side to side. It was about the only body part she could move as the heavy restraints held her against the wall. Well she kind of figured this would happen. This predicament. The rest of her body was numb, being chained to a wall was not as comfortable as one would assume. She stood silent like a tree her companion tugging violently at the chains that held him.

“You will want to stop doing that.” She responded coolly.

“Well I am the only one apparently that even cares about escaping.”

“You are not going to escape that is the thing. So calm down, rest your body and try to take your mind off of the feeling of the blood leaving your limbs. If you keep tugging you will just injure yourself and then you will be no use to me when I actually do get us out of here.”

“Oh yes and how do you plan on doing that.”

A smirk fell upon her face that she knew he could not see. “I will figure a way. Just calm down.”

“Quiet those lips!” A guard shouted from outside the rows of cells.

“As I said, I have a plan, so stay quiet and let me handle this.”

“If you say so Nyx.” She ignored him and just closed her eyes. ‘The time will come,’ she thought to herself. She knew they would come for her. They did not care so much for the boy but for her. It was always her they wanted.


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