Something In My Head


Deep within her thoughts the voices sing. She knows she should be terrified, scared for her life. However she was surprisingly calm, facing them head on. Before her the woman who spoke in her mind, creating nightmares that would never end sat there like a beautiful icy statue. Her pale skin glistened with the icy dew on her skin and falling down onto her lace white gown. Well she could not quite call it lace, but it was so delicate. It looked as if the snow flakes had formed to make this gorgeous gown around her body. It laid so close to her skin that it might have been. The woman, she had quickly learned to call Queen, had the dress made specifically not to hide anything of her body. Her small breasts accentuated in the cold were molded into the dress that clung to her perfectly thin frame. Her bare icy white arms rested upon a throne of white gold, or something else because it shinned like nothing she had ever seen. A slit straight from her hip to the ground showing off her radiant legs. On a human they would look pale, her’s was unnaturally white, like that of a mythical creature, however she was so it explained a lot.

“Carolyn.” The Queen’s icy voice rang throughout the stone chamber. The Queen picked her right hand off of the arm of her throne and waived Carolyn closer. She took a step closer barely wanting to move a half step closer she knelt again looking away from the awesome sight before her.

“Why have you come here Carolyn?”

“I came to find out more about myself. And why I hear your voices.”

“Is that all Carolyn?”

“There might be more that I do not know, yes My Queen.” her timid voice shrank in the chamber barely being even a whisper. The icy breeze blew through her hair like an snow storm pushing her blonde hair into her eyes.

“Look at me Carolyn.” And Carolyn did as she was told, although she could not keep her anger from reaching her blue and green speckled eyes.

“Angered my dear? You need to learn to control that temper, it will get you in trouble. So human you are. It is hard to believe what you really are with all that emotion. But you will learn, for you will have to.” The Queen rose and walked towards her, laying a cold hand upon her cheek. “You will learn to behave or you will die a Fae death, understand?”

“Absolutely, my Queen.”

“Good,” her tone automatically turning polite again. “Now go wash up for dinner, we might have some company.”

“Yes my Queen,” A smile returning to Carolyn’s face again, but the anger still lingered.

Half something old, half something new. Hope you enjoy


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