Loving Nature


The sun was shining through the trees lighting up the dew on the grass like sparkling diamonds. She laid there in her gossamer  dress staring up through the canopy letting the thin rays of light to make her skin sparkle. She twirled her hand around in the air and finally lifted her body to dance to natures rhythm. Hips swaying and arms twirling she danced as if she had never danced before. Her bare feet padding quietly but passionately against the mossy ground cover. The wind started to pick up and blew her blonde curls in its presence. Leaves danced up at her feet swirling around her like some magical twisters and floated around her arms. Soon her hands were directing the leaves and they blew higher and higher into the air nearly touching the canopy above her when she heard a noise. A small crack of a twig was enough to break her magical dance and the leaves came crashing down around her and the wind became still once more.

Another crack. “Someone must be here,” she thought in her mind. Her sapphire eyes scanned the forest, searching for the intruder she was starting to feel.  Her feet padded closer to the edge of the clearing towards the thicket of trees. Someone was there, she could feel it, but now to actually see them.

Suddenly she heard the noise behind her and she whipped around to have a knife pointed at her throat.

“Cedric.” She whispered

Just a story I thought of when thinking of the last time I was in a forest with the sun shining through the trees.


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