Unexpected Guest


Brown paper packages sit against the wall. ‘Why so many packages’ she thought to herself as her white gloved fingers played with the pale lace of her dress. It was definitely not close to Christmas, and it definitely not any other holiday that might require presents of such magnitude. Pressing her lips together she eyed the packages with envy.

“Look at all these packages!” a familiar booming voice called from the parlor. Her father, Victor, was suddenly by her side and gripping her shoulders. She almost wanted to cringe at the wrinkles forming on her shoulders and the smell of brandy on his lips. When would he learn that the drink was not as important as supporting his family. She almost hoped now that he had not bought all of those things in a drunken stupor.

“Father, there is quite a lot of packages. Why are they here? Do you know?” She kept her voice innocent and dear. It was the best way to convince him of telling her the truth anyways. She had been running the house for years, watching over the servants and making sure that his drinking was watched so he was still able to preform his job, a surgeon.

“They are my new tools! Latest in scientific advancement. Can you imagine, sterilizing equipment? Who knew these tiny little bugs existed that affected the human body! Its amazing. Stuart, come help me carry them into my study until they can be moved to the office.”

“Yes, sir.” Stuart gave the girl “the look” before a smile appeared back on his face for her father. ‘When did my father have time to buy this nonsense?’ was the first thing that flooded her mind. Funds were tight enough without spending close to a hundred dollars she suspected on useless new equipment for a diminishing population of patients.

She heard another knock on the door as she turned her back to it. “What could it be now?” she muttered her frustration aloud as she reached for the door handle.

“May I assist you?” She responded absently until she looked into the eyes of the guest on her doorstep. It was someone she never expected to see again, someone she believed to be dead.

“Well my dear. I am home.”

A little story off the top of my head. Hope you enjoy


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