Heated Sun


The desert sun burns her skin like that of boiling water. However, water on her skin would seem welcoming at this point in time. Her many days in the desert has resulted in cracks like that of mountain valleys on uncovered skin, bleeding and dripping in the sand. The sounds of her blood sizzling on the sand did nothing to settle her nervous stomach.

She knew she had to cross the desert, she had to get to her destination. So much depending on her getting there, so no matter how much her skin burned or how much her tongue craved for even a few drops of cool water.

There was an oasis awaiting her if she could just make it. She tugged on the reigns of her animal and made the stubborn animal take a few steps forward. She headed towards her destination, grabbing her head scarf to better block her eyes from the sun and kept on walking. Only a few more weeks and she would be there, and she would save her nation.

Just a little something that I thought of today while at work and the heater blasting. Hope you enjoy


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