Different Pace


Today I decided to get away from the story I was writing and just talk about life. The world is a crazy place right now, I do not think anyone would deny that.  Economy throughout the world is crashing, job market is plummeting even more, food prices soaring along with gas and just about everything else. It is a hard world to live in, but it is it really? One reason why I think it is such a hard time on everyone right now is they feel helpless, defenseless.  The strong sense of community that used to be in our country when we have gone through such hard times before has nearly disappeared. Do not believe me? Take a look around and think for a moment. How often do you talk to your neighbors? Do you even know their names? Do you feel yourself and others around you ducking into your apartment or home? Can you go over to your neighbors house and ask for a cup of sugar? I am betting that most of you are saying no to most of those questions.

It is hard I think even for the writing and creative community to fully idealize the sense of community in modern society as well because of this lack of community. The lack of feeling of family and closeness within your peers. This ideal is almost thought of as a romantic ideal. A far away place that doesn’t exist, if it ever did. However, I can tell you it still exists.

I was lucky growing up,I will not deny that. I had this sense of community. My family might not have liked everyone on the block and vise versa, but we all were always willing to lend a helping hand. If we noticed someone was putting up a shed, we would go over and help raise the walls, or dig the foundation. If my father noticed that a tree was about to fall on a neighbors house he would go over and offer to cut it down for them. If our neighbors needed a cup of sugar or an ice cream scoop, they could always come over and knock on the house. If anyone heard loud panicked yelling of danger, they were there within seconds to make sure everyone was okay. This might seem like a romantic ideal to most in modern society though, but it still really does happen. I think that most people need to come to realize that a community that helps each other will continue to support each other in hard times. They will make sure children are fed, and the houses are safe.

This is something that I think everyone throughout the world could better themselves on. Most people, at least in the USA, is supported by the government in some way or another, if it is social security, welfare, or government job. And although some of these people do deserve this money, I think it has also made us too dependent on our government and fear for our welfare if we took things into our own hands. If we broke free of the government and made sure that they were responsible for their actions and instead of the government taking care of us, the community taking care of itself, we could see mass movements of actual peace and happiness for the mass majority of the country, instead of just a select few.

Okay well this is a few rants in one I suppose, but it was just how I was feeling today.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I agree, maybe use these desperate time to write. some of the greatest authors lived through hard times and wrote stories that made people wake up to the community instead of just themselves.

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