Continuation of “A Mighty Decision”


He was up before the sun woke the next morning. Hands quietly picking up the few items that might have been considered valuable and pushed them into a holed canvas bag. The bible, his family’s legacy, he carefully wrapped in the best cloth they had and gently placed it in the middle of the bag. He hoped the cloth would help keep it safe from the impending rain. One of the last whole jars they had he placed the rest of the bones he had for their soups. He was hoping upon a hope that they would find vegetables along their journey and not have to survive on broth. There was no way they would survive on broth.

His sleeping siblings, looked like placid angels upon the mat on the floor. Another dream ripped at his heart, beds. Beds and real pillows for them to rest their heads upon. The bountiful springs of curls upon Cynthia’s head, the color of freshly crushed cranberries and Mark’s forever dirty pile of muddy brown hair fell over his eyes like a curtain. He let his fingers sweep the mess out of his eyes before getting back to work. The bag was packed, the only thing left was the good blanket which he would have to rip in half for their coats. It pained him deep in side to ruin their only good blanket but if he did not he knew they would surely die.

Gently his hands stroked both their heads, arousing them from sleep. There heavily eye lids batted at him as he gently explained they were going away, for a long while. As quickly as tired children can they put on their only pair of shoes each, holes in the soles, and leather cracking through and through. The sound of pitter patter came from the roof and onto the table of their home. Old home, he thought to himself. It was time for a new.

Silently they crept out the city gates and saw the sun break through the clouds as if to say, “Today is your day.”

Continuing on with A Mighty Decision. Do not know if it is going to be a short story or if I will continue on with these children’s lives. We shall see 🙂


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