A Mighty Decision


“Pains stab his stomach like a knife as he tries to ignore the hunger he feels. He spoons out another bowl of barely flavored water to his younger siblings before sitting down, none for himself. His younger brother and sister drink it up like its between drinking their weak supper or dying. They savor every drop, nearly licking their bowl clean before they pitiful faces look back up at him as if to say “more please.” It breaks his heart as he takes their dirty dishes and washes them out in the rain cascading down around their meager shelter. He drinks the precious clean water quickly, trying to quench his hunger but it only makes the pains come on stronger as a loud rumbling as if thunder came from within him.

“Off to bed now.” His hands found the heads of his siblings as he gently pushed them to their floor mats. He covered them with their best blanket, they couldn’t afford to make a fire anymore so it was all he could do. He went to sit next to them and grabbed hold of the old family bible, the only possession they had left from their parents and began to read it softly aloud to calm the young children starving in their bed. He read aloud the psalms, the most beautiful of the bible, or so his mother always had told him before they passed away. The illnesses going around again he worried for the health of the young ones.

Worry he tried to keep from his voice as he weakly read for what seemed like hours before their breath was finally even and deep. He finally set the bible down and laid down on the cold floor next to them. He had to find a way to make money soon, or they would starve.  The tax collectors came everyday for their meager house tax, and the food he found to satisfy their hunger was usually in the garbage or left on the streets. This was no way for them to grow up. That was when he had made up his mind, they were going to leave in the morning for the country side.”

Just another little tidbit I decided to write while at work, maybe I was a little hungry for lunch.


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