The Origin Of Creativity


Writing, the act of scribing words down to form cohesive thoughts.

Is that not how writing began? For man to express themselves or did it start out being something more menial like keeping a record? Even back in cavemen times, they drew pictures of the animals they were hunting and glorious hunting scenes. Most anthropologists believe that it was the very basic start of writing today. So how did writing come from what we hunted to full fantasy lands and empires, and creative nonsense that has developed into some childhood favorites.

Has humanity was always striven to be creative? They made art and beautiful vases, even if the use was very basic. They drew graffiti on the wall to make simple stone and brick into something of art. People write poetry, they write songs, the express themselves through words and drawings. Was it for our mind to make sense of the art we were creating and use that sense of art to create the languages and lettering we use?

One has to wonder too how our brains developed to understand doodles on a page to mean so much more than just drawings. Most writing, ancient and modern, has beautiful art throughout it. Look at some of the Asian Characters, they are beautifully ornate and to represent a culture with mass beauty in almost all aspects of their lives. Or what about Arabic which when staring at it for long periods of times almost look a beautiful artwork of sand dunes and wind patterns. Even the origins of Latin based languages like most of the European cultures started off being these huge calligraphy of art.

My mind always seems to go back on this idea. Of how our mind can take simple doodles, because that is really what writing English is and takes the mind to far off places. To see each word and for the hand to made each letter out of memory. It is just a wonderful thing when you think about it, how we are really the only creature in this world that can turn our mental thoughts and record them. Is the words on the page the important thing or is it more that our mind interprets the emotion behind what is actually written on the page?

It is definitely a complex matter that will probably be in my mind for years to come.


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