Writing With A Full Time Job


I usually find it quite difficult to get into a creative mood after a long day of work. Like most hopeful-authors I work a full time job to support my dream to be a published author someday. My job isn’t a bad one by any means but by the time that I get home and make dinner and clean up a little bit all the creative juices that might have been filling my mind during the day seemed to seep out through my pores.

I know a lot of people probably feel this way and why a lot of people never see their dreams come to reality, but I am trying to figure out other ways for my creativity to still come through even when I am tired. I have been starting to exercise (though it just started yesterday) and I have also been trying to eat a lot healthier so that the chemicals in food do not weigh me down.

I keep trying to get myself to set aside time every day to write but then it almost seems to my tired brain that it is a chore instead of a passion of mine. When I was a teenager and still in school I would come home and literally write in every spare moment I had. I would write for hours until my hands were past the point of cramping up. I remember my mom would sometimes literally have to drag me away from the keyboard to get me to eat, I was so involved in writing. Sometimes I wonder where that energy went. I am only a few years older and it seems like the daily grind of working and dealing with bills has weighed down my creativeness that I so enjoyed in my younger youth.

I know this article almost seems like the thing I enjoyed so much has become more of a chore of necessity than an actual passion and that is not true either. When I actually get writing on the weekends I usually get lost in the characters and the story and let my fingers nearly fall off again or until some other actual chore calls to my attention.

Does anyone have any advice to get the week day creative juices flowing as well?


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