Weekend of Writing… or So I Hoped


This weekend I had the full intention of writing all weekend and developing my story and the characters. However, then the wall hit. I loved where my story was going but how was I going to get them there. I still wrote quite a few words, close to 1500, but in the end the number of words you write to the progression of the story is completely different. I tried having my fiancée read over the story to see if his feedback could give me any more ideas, but in the end it just made me feel more stuck.  Not that his comments weren’t supportive, because they definitely were but it wasn’t sparking any new creativity or solutions for me.

I am loving the book that I am writing, but I am thinking maybe I need to get more back to basics and detail out everything that is going to happen in this book instead of planning just in my head. Also it would help because I plan on making this book not just a singular entity but rather a series. Back to the drawing board tonight.


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