Something I Might Put Into My Book “Enchanting The Enemy”


The flies buzz throughout the air like an electric storm. Buzzing forever in a surging pattern, a hand comes up and a loud crack of hand and flesh can be heard. The sweet pleasure in ending those annoying creatures lives springs a small smile across her face. If only she would allow herself the greater enjoyment of using her gift to end all their lives. Her skin starts to tingle in anticipation when she realized a warm touch on her arm.

“Damnit.” she thought to herself.

“Nyx.” a calm voice broke the buzzing silence. “Not tonight. Just go to sleep. They won’t bother you.”

“Nathaniel. what do you know of being bothered. You act as if you are a priest.”

“Nyx. Go to sleep.”

A deep sigh filled the air as Nyx rolled over to lay on her side. She never thought she would actually miss her icy prison but with the sticky heat and the pesky bugs she couldn’t help than think maybe it wasn’t so bad.


“I thought I was suppose to go to sleep?”

“Nevermind. Goodnight.”

“Talka Nevera Nathaniel.”

The buzzing became finally a lullaby instead of a pest and the warm of night a cozy blanket to finally let dreams take over them both.


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