Prologue to Enchanting the Enemy


This was my original prologue, I updated it since then but it is still the gist of what the story was. Tell me what you think!

Dark trees have an eerie presence as a white haze lowers upon the ground. The wind barely moving the mist only moves with the presence of others. Only a few night predators out and about lurking their sleeping prey cause the sounds of rustling leaves in the forest. All but the sounds of desperate whispers coming from within the deepest part of the mist.

“Derek. Don’t go. Please I can keep you safe.”

“I wish I could my darling girl, but you know that me being here puts not just you and me in jeopardy but our child as well. Please for the wellness of our child let me go.”

“Why can’t I be selfish? Why can’t I have you both?” the woman grabbed hold of the man’s hands and pressed them against her chest. His finger tips lingered on a crystal pendant at her neck.

“You can in time my darling. But first I must leave.” He freed his hands and moved them as graceful as a bird up to her face to hold her cheek one last time. His eyes let her know what he was feeling, the desperation and anguish in having to leave was as piercing as his blue eyes “Follow me when the child is born, I can keep you both safe in my lands. There will be no fear of injustice against us there. Please promise me that a month after the child is born you will follow me.”

“I promise.”


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